Mission Bay RV, San Diego

Piñata Time!

As a final stop before arriving in San Diego, we decided to make camp at Woods Valley Kampground. The hostess at this quaint little park in the mountains was very polite and friendly. Unfortunately our site had some issues: it was a bit difficult to squeeze into, had only a few feet of buffer space from the neighboring site, and right next to the communal pool which was not ideal when trying to get a baby and a toddler to go down for a nap in the middle of the day. The original plan was to stay for four days here, but we only stayed one.

Our neighbors ended up being very nice people. Next door they were celebrating a birthday party and invited Rosella to hit the piñata. What a nice family they were! They even gave us a tour of their Montana 5th Wheel trailer (planting the seed) which if you haven’t been in one: GO! They are so cool.

100% pretty cool

Due to the fact that we were already close to San Diego and were eager to get there, we booked a site near the water at Mission Bay RV Resort. The staff is really friendly and the sites are on a paved lot next to Mission Bay. Wrapping around the park is a paved trail you can walk dogs on along the bay waterfront.

Mission Bay RV Resort, daddy and boo

We saw tons of birds on our walks, but our favorite by far was the Osprey. We saw this guy a couple times while we were there. Once we saw him eating his fish on top of the tiniest of boat masts! It was 100% pretty cool.

The osprey at Mission Bay RV Resort

Andy also took a cool picture of this trailer that was in the park:

Mission Bay RV Resort, trailer at dusk

It’s gettin’ hot in here

While here, San Diego was in the middle of a heat wave. It was over a 100 degrees a couple of the days. Not even cooling down till around 7pm, we were stuck inside the trailer all day. All 6 of us. Lets just say it was very cozy, messy, and at times hostile lol. There was defiantly some stepping on baby hands and toys that happened. Oops.

Pizza makes everything better. Well, tacos and pizza. Together they are an unstoppable delicious force! But back to pizza. We found a Woodstocks here!!! Andy and I love this place. We went to Woodstocks all the time in college at UC Santa Cruz so it has some nostalgic flair. They also do vegan cheese which is why we fell in love with them in the first place. Andy is lactose intolerant and ruins all of my cheesy dreams (not on purpose, but I can’t help but blame him a little). At Woodstocks we can compromise and get half cheese half vegan and everyones happy! We ordered our favorite pizza with pepperoni, pineapple, bacon, olives, and green onions and an EXTRA large beer. #heaven