Mt. Lassen/Shingletown KOA

Swinging in the trees

This week we camped out in Shingletown at the KOA. This amazing spot was totally worth the drive: an oasis in the trees. Our site was right next to this meadow with extra soft grass that was great for Ender to crawl around on. Our favorite part by far was this 30 foot swing back in “the woods” that we spent a good amount of time on (adults included).

Ashley and Rosella enjoying the swing Ashley and Rosella enjoying the swing at Mt. Lassen Shingletown KOA

Andy and Rosella on the other swing Andy and Rosella on the other swing at Mt. Lassen Shingletown KOA

Amazon Prime FTW

As planned, our power tongue jack arrived via UPS just in time. Upon receiving the package Andy noticed that the new jack did not come with the necessary screws. Of course, in the panic of breaking the last one, we ended up tossing all parts to the old jack…including the screws. whamp whamp whamp Andy was able to install it with the help of our new friend Doug (a super friendly staff member at the KOA). Doug and he searched through and old bucket of bolts and screws and were able to find the parts we needed. Back on track!

I’ll be bubbling, I’ll be brewing

We got to visit our first National Park this week! We drove about 30 minutes down the road from our KOA to Lassen Volcanic National Park. Once inside, we drove up the mountain for an additional 40 minutes passing crystal clear lakes, babbling creeks, and crazy cliff views. We got to the Bumpass Hell trailhead (yes, that’s the name), parked in the scenic lot, and had lunch before our trek. It was an easy three mile hike that kids could do without too much struggle. The trail dead ends at a Boardwalk that goes over these sulfur and mud boiling pits that are super cool (and smelly). Rosella loved asking “What’s that smell?” and then proceeding to answer her own question with “Farts!”

the sign for Bumpass Hell the sign for Bumpass Hell

a view from the hike to the sulfur pools a view of Lassen from the hike to the sulfur pools

a shot of the volcanic sulfur pools in Bumpass Hell a shot of the volcanic sulfur pools in Bumpass Hell

close-up shot of the steam close-up shot of the steam

Let us never speak of this again

When you’re hiking with kids a multitude of things could go wrong at any moment as any parent knows. We do our best to be prepared for these kind of events. Before the hike we made sure everyone was fed, had enough water, and went potty. Of course Rosella doesn’t need to go potty. She never does…until it’s an emergency. Well, 20 minutes into the hike the sh*t hits the fan. Literally. Rosella has to go! NOW! We did our best to find a secluded spot behind a rock near the trail. She finished up seconds before a big group turned to walk down the side of the hill we happened to be hiding on. I’m not gonna lie. Daddy did all the dirty work, and I was the look out (it was particularly busy that day due to a school field trip). Luckily, we packed a roll of toilet paper and had an empty sandwich bag on hand. #parentlife

Rosella excited about nature

Treat yo self

This portion of our trip was the perfect balance of activities and time spent in one area. We spent four nights at the KOA and we’re able to do just enough to get a feel for the area and still have time to relax. I (Ashley) was even able to sneak in a Target run so Andy could get some work in! Yay me! Overall, this was a successful stay full of gorgeous forest views, family time, and dad jokes.