Orangeland and Disneyland

Disney Here We Come!

As we headed out of Ventura and onto Orange we made a pit stop at Trader Joe’s to stalk up on our favorite snacks. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of Disney food or paying $5 for water so we needed to grab some stuff to keep us going.

Once we had our snacks we made it over to The Orangland RV Park. This place is really great. It’s only a 5 minute drive from the park, is super clean, has a great store, a huge laundry room, and a sweet pool. As soon as we unhitched, we headed to the pool. Our little water babies were thrilled.

Rover to the Rescue!

Unfortunately, the dogs can’t do everything with us, so we needed something to help us take care of them when we’re out for extended periods of time like Disneyland. Since we already live in a small place, it seems cruel to leave them locked up all day (without potty breaks) so we did some research on how to remedy the situation. We’ve had really good luck with an app called Rover! It allows you to find anything from dog walkers to pet sitters in your area and book them to help take care of your pet! We used it while we were here and it worked out great.

We hired this friendly gal named Julie. She came twice a day and took our pups out for walks, restocked them on food and fluids, and gave them a little extra love. She also sent us pictures of them while they were out getting some fresh air. Peace of mind for you and your pets. We will definitely be using this app through out our travels.

On our last day, Julie even gave us a travel book with her own notes written in! Talk about caring!


We spent four days at the park. Rosella loved every minute of it. She has decided that she is going to work there when she’s a grown up. With Minnie mouse, obvi. Ender on the other hand was indifferent. He didn’t cry on the rides, but wasn’t real smily on any of them either, ha!

Here are some photos from our time there:

Disney with the kids Disney with the kids Disney with the kids Disney with the kids Disney with the kids Disney with the kids Disney with the kids Disney with the kids

Here Comes the Drop

The first ride we went on was the Jungle Cruise. This was not the last time we’d be on this ride. We actually went on it about four times (it would prove to be Rosella’s favorite ride). Once we convinced Rosella to try a new ride we decided on the Pirates of the Caribbean.

I hadn’t been on this ride in years. All I had remembered was that it was a boat ride that takes you through various pirate scenes and ships, and it’s an escape from the heat. I completely forgot about the drop. After the first one I tried to reassure Rosella that that was the last one. Then the second drop came. EVERYONE IS FREAKING OUT. Rosella is crying and begging to get off the ride and Ender is trying to claw his way inside my shirt to pretend he’s somewhere else. After about a minute or so they both calm down (sorry about that, fellow passengers!) and enjoy the rest of the ride…extremely apprehensively.

Meet Up

We met up with a couple friends while we’re in the park also! Our friends, Pete and Amy who we know from San Jose, were there with their two boys for a day. We pal’ed around with them for a couple hours, catching up on each others lives and watching our kids play together. It was a short but sweet reunion. Hopefully we will meet up with them again in Utah!

Speaking of old friends: as we were getting on the park train, we saw my other friend Alyssa whom I had been close with in high school. She and her husband were also there with their two boys. We saw each other again outside the small world and chatted for a bit, but were drawn away when our kids wanted to go on more rides, not hear adults talk.

Both of these meet-ups happened randomly. Life is so crazy sometimes, but it was great seeing some familiar faces.

This is Why We’re Here

We had so much fun with both kids this Disney trip. I love how Rosella becomes the character she dresses up as for the day. So happy, care-free, and animated. She’s the coolest kid I know. It was great to see Ender so stimulated and animated from everything going on around him. He’s such a crazy little dude. After all the rides, souvenirs, candy and characters we said good-bye to Disney and headed off to our next adventure, San Diego.