Our Trip

The Good Life

About six months ago, my wife and I were living in a big house with two dogs, our little three year old girl, and our newborn baby boy. I can make real purrty things using highly advanced beep-boop techniques, and some hard work at that over the last few years was paying off. We were living comfortably with a comfortable savings. Friends and family were close by, the school district was good, and we rarely found ourselves far from something to do.

Rosella painting


At some point we started having a conversation about what our lives were panning out to be. Certainly no life to wag a finger at, and absolutely one to be eternally thankful for, but somehow it was just too comfortable. Our good friends Matt and Kelly had just come back from an epic multi-month trip through South America and the yearning to do something like that was fiercely strong. Both of us expressed a longing to shake things up, but clearly with our kids we’d have to think of their needs first and our ability to provide for them. We weren’t trying to be the Wild Thornberries (Nigel’s mustache was pretty smashing).

Trippin’ Hard

Perhaps a year or more before this, my parents had bought one of those metal Airstream trailers, and they would frequently tell us just how fun it was. While I was initially skeptical, after finally seeing it I had little doubt that I would enjoy myself taking the family out in one. That must have been a seed in both Ashley’s and my minds, because we converged on the idea of a trailer trip.

Trailering, y más!

In the several days following that initial discussion, we decided that a trip around the country in a truck and travel trailer would be doable for our situation, as long as we were settled by the time our oldest kiddo starts preschool in the fall of 2018. We also thought that another good idea would be to break up the trailering with longer-term, “AirBnB”-type stays in various cities along our path.

Bold Moves, Cotton

Once we decided, the best next step was to sell our cars and get the truck and trailer as soon as possible. It forced us to follow through with the plan, and also provided us some time to get used to using the trailer on shorter trips. For the truck, we went for a big ruby red Ford F250 Diesel, whom we call “Clifford,” after the street of the house we owned in Santa Clara and of course the big red dog. As for the trailer, we went with a 29 ft Jayco White Hawk, which has a queen bed, two full sized bunk beds, a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining area, an outdoor kitchen, and a built-in awning (incidentally, we don’t have a name for the trailer yet…). The truck has been just amazing. The trailer needed some repairs within the first few months, as well as some modifications but overall we’re really satisfied with it. It was a bold move, and we’re still seeing how it plays out.

More On Way

More to come with details of our trip, thanks for reading!