Sequoia Ranch RV Resort

Home Sweet Home

After a short drive from Lemon Cove we arrived at Sequoia RV Ranch. It’s a great spot nestled in between small farms and North Fork Kaweah River. Our site was spacious, covered with shady trees, and backed up to the river. It was perfect compared to the gravel lot we were parked in for the last two nights. While Andy unhitched the rig, I took the kids to hang out by the riverbed. Here’s our rig at the site:

Our site at Sequoia RV Ranch

Today was a good day

It was rather warm in Three Rivers so we all decided to go play in the river. The water was cool and shallow. Perfect for little ones. There were little tadpoles to search for and giant smooth rocks to hang out on. We took turns throwing the frisbee for the pups. They loved it!

Tali in the river

We ended the day roasting marshmallows around the fire after dinner. We played with this app called SkyView on my phone. It allows you to point your phone to the sky and see all the stars, constellations, and planets. Rosella loves finding the planets! No meltdowns, lots of fun, and truly relaxing day.

“That’s the biggest tree I’ve ever seen!” - on repeat

Sequoia National Forest was the next park stop on our list. But, before we could leave we needed dress up to meet the “biggerest” tree ever. Rosella picked out the perfect hiking outfit so she could blend into the natural surroundings. A sparkly shirt with an even more sparkly tutu, panda socks, cat bow, and her hiking boots:

Rosella's Sequoia Outfit

We drove about an hour and a half into the park to the General Sherman trailhead. Its a short but heavily trafficked hike that branches off into other various longer hikes. The Sherman hike takes you down to a loop around a grove of amazingly large Sequoias. General Sherman is the largest tree in the grove (and largest by amount of wood in the world, as a matter of fact).

Here are some shots from that walk:

Andy and Rosella on a big rock Rosella smothering Ender on a bench Rosella on Andy's shoulders Ender feeling the fallen tree Ender and Ashley in the hollowed out fallen tree Ashley showing Rosella the rings in the tree stump Another angle of Ashley showing Rosella the rings in the tree stump The family in front of General Sherman The kids in front of General Sherman

There was a line to take pictures in front of the Sherminator, which we had to wait in for those last two shots. When we set up Ender to stand by himself next to Rosella, the whole crowd started whooping and hollering to get Ender to smile and look at the camera. Little did they know that Ender is not easily amused. That “strictly business” glare he is wearing was the best they got:

Ender's "strictly business" glare

Rashing around with friends*

After the hike, we drove back down towards the visitors center. They had a small store, cafe, and museum about the parks history. While we found the exhibits interesting (especially the ones about how incredible smart and resourceful bears are and that the first park rangers were African American soldiers), the kids just enjoyed running around! Before heading out we found some fellow RVers that were staying at the same park with us. Our kids played together and we all got to listen to a special animal talk about rattle snakes.

* - “Rashing Around” is a phrase invented by Rosella, which roughly translates to “play”, especially if the playing involves lots of movement. Pronounced with heavy enunciation.