Ventura KOA

Brave Little Peacocks

Our next stop was the Ventura Ranch KOA in Santa Paula right before you get into Ojai. It’s a nice campground with shaded spots, decent sized sites, and peacocks! The shade was awesome because it was considerably hot while we stayed here.

Peacock at Ventura KOA

Peacocks eating dog food at Ventura KOA

The peacocks here have some serious moxie. We were really surprised at how close they come to your site given this is a dog-friendly campground. They literally just waltz in and and make themselves at home. Mainly indulging in some dog food and water. We kept the dogs inside when they were close to avoid any deadly encounters.

Amazon Boxes for Dayzzzzz

We had to place a decent sized order with Amazon to restock our supplies while we were in San Simeon and were having it all shipped here. We needed another chalk, Ender needed some new clothes (he had “hulked” out of all his baby socks), and a couple other things for the rig. And of course not everything comes in one box so… Lets just say the front office wasn’t our biggest fan. Sorry!

Ender’s Benders

At midnight we were awoken by these terrible screams from Ender. Now this does happen often to us due to his insatiable appetite, but tonight was different. We started our usual routine: bottle, diaper change, burp, and bed but he was not having it. He wouldn’t even take the bottle. This was the first sign that something was wrong. We couldn’t figure out what the issue was and he had been screaming now for a good 10-15 minutes. We looked up the closest ER and loaded everyone up in the car.

We got to the Santa Paula Hospital and we were immediately checked in. Not due to the severity, but we were the only ones there. The nurses and doctor begin examining Ender who, as it so frequently is with these things, appears to be doing much better. He had the beginnings of diaper rash. That’s it??? He was screaming back in the Jayco; I thought he was dying from the inside. Rosella never had diaper rash before so we didn’t recognize the early stages of it. They gave us some advice, recommended some products, and sent us on our way.

“Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!”

Rosella and I headed to our favorite place in the whole world (besides Disneyland, although debatable): Target! It’s close to Halloween so they have all the costumes out. Naturally, we have to try some of them on. Rosella has insisted this year that she is going to be a pink apatosaurus. So this is merely a fashion show at lunch:

Rosella's fashion show at lunch.

First Candy Haul

The KOA organized a cute little Halloween event for that weekend. You could sign up in the office to be a site that kids can trick-or-treat at. Rosella wore her bell dress (her go-to costume) and walked around our local campsites and got a pretty decent amount of candy, which the adults totally didn’t eat after all the kids went to bed. Totally.

Pumpkin Patch

Even though the temp broke 100 degrees that day, we still wanted to venture out. We decided on checking out the Limoneira Ranch pumpkin patch. They had games, food, a maze, the pumpkin patch, a petting zoo, hayrides, and easily the most superior medieval siege weapon: a trebuchet. What they didn’t have was shade. We hung out for awhile, enjoyed the petting zoo and experimented with the trebuchet, then went home only a couple shades darker (except Andy, who went home a couple of shades redder).

Pumpkin patch at Limoneira Ranch