Yosemite and Lemon Cove

Yosemite or bust

After hearing that Highway 120 had reopened we decided to test our luck and try to find a spot in Yosemite to camp in. Andy had only been once in 8th grade, and I had never been at all (embarrassing, I know). We really wanted to check this National Park off of our list.

Sadly, it was not our lucky day.

We drove the entire park over Tioga Pass (120), and, beautiful as the sight seeing was, didn’t find a space to camp. In fact, even after leaving the park we couldn’t find an RV park to stay in for miles! OMG. Seriously.

The Drive That Never Ends

After much deliberation, we decided to press on and make our way toward our next destination of Sequoia. We were trying to find a place to stay for the night, which was easier said than done given we were constantly driving in and out of service. We finally were able to book a site at Lemon Cove Village RV Park. It had some mixed reviews, but they weren’t too bad…and we were desperate. Like 11-hours-in-the-car-with-two-hangry-babies desperate. Ek.

By the time we got to Lemon Cove it was already around 9pm. We navigated the dark lot and picked the first pull-through spot we saw. Too exhausted to unhitch, we just loaded everyone in the trailer and went to sleep.

Here is a sped up video showing one second of each minute of this nightmare drive:

Ice Queen

In the morning we got a clearer view of the gravel lot we were calling home for the next two nights. The place had a small dog park, laundry, and a pool. Not too bad. Rosella loved swimming in the pool (even though it wasn’t heated and was FREEZING). Since the park wasn’t crowded, we had the whole place to ourselves. We packed a lunch and picnicked poolside on those super sunny days (Ender smiles for the camera on our picnic blanket in this post’s feature photo). It almost made up for our terrible trek the few days before.